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Death Promise B-Movie Grindhouse T-Shirt


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She worked at the makeup counter at JC Penney.  Then, one fateful day, while on a cruise ship vacation, everything would change.  An act of betrayal led to a freak octopus accident in which her arms were ripped from her torso!  Flung face down into the ocean, she was left floating to die.  But fate had other plans that day.  The flock of seagulls she had so kindly fed french fries to while aboard the ship would not let her generous act go unrewarded.

Using a random severed tentacle and a chainsaw the seagulls found in a Wal-Mart parking lot, they rebuilt her.  Now with a weird tentacle arm and a chainsaw attached to her shoulder area, she was faster, stronger, and more generally awkward!  Nothing would stand in the way of her revenge!  To those who wronged her, she would make a promise…

a Death Promise!

Unisex fit, Softstyle T-Shirt.


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